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Today's challenges

Advancing a career, improving performance, leading a new team,  resolving a conflict, achieving better work-life balance, finding a more positive may be facing any of these challenges that entail making a change.

Sometimes you may want to make a change but doubt that you can actually do it. You feel you don't have a choice, or that choices are very limited. 

While there are some things we didn't choose, there are many more over which we do have a choice, probably more than you think!


Change can be fun and easy !

Change is easy and fun when you are working with your own strengths and going in the direction that you have chosen.

Choosemylife coaching is positive and future-focused. We help you identify and make use of all your strengths, even the ones you didn't know you had !  

You can learn to easily make the changes you want to make by developing more self-confidence, optimism, resilience and overall serenity. Even small changes can have a big positive impact.

We help you become a creative change agent for your life and career.

What is success ?

Success is a very personal standard and is measured uniquely by how you feel about your life, and not by what someone else thinks you should achieve.

By increasing your self-awareness and developing your skills, you can identify what you are passionate about, find meaning in your actions, respect and cherish your life and contribute to the bigger picture in ways that are significant to you.  

You can set your own unique path to a fulfilling personal and professional life.

At Choosemylife Coaching we help you succeed on your own terms.


We help you to

  • clearly identify the changes you want to make
  • gain a fresh perspective 
  • uncover multiple new options
  • choose the best attitude 
  • make the right choices
  • plan for the achievement of your goals 
  • leverage your strengths
  • take action to get to where you want and
  • take your life up to the next level !


Work Life Coaching

Focus on career and worklife 

  • Achieve a fulfilled work life
  • Advance your career
  • Improve your performance
  • Refine your communication skills 
  • Deal with workplace conflicts
  • Manage stress
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Improve on work life balance

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Personal Life Coaching

Focus on personal life


  • Achieve personal fulfillment
  • Unveil and use your talents
  • Connect to your life purpose
  • Live in accordance with your values
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Manage stress and conflict
  • Improve on well-being and lifestyle
  • Create harmonious relations

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The power of making conscious choices is formidable, it transforms daily existence into a fulfilling and exciting life experience.   

You will be surprised to see how easily you can move from a reactive to a proactive active life style !

Coaching will uncover your strengths and talents, you will discover that you have the solutions within you and you will develop your own strategy to accomplish the concrete results you desire.

"Coaching at Choosemylife energized me and gave me the focus I needed to jump-start my career after a long period of feeling stalled." 

E.W. marketing professional


Why Coaching Works

Extensive research has been done on coaching and why it is so successful. Click here to see and download the infographic by the International Coach Federation.


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State-of-the-art Coaching

Our coaching is conducted by qualified and experienced professionals, with international experience. The methodology and tools we use are strongly anchored in coaching research and best practices.


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