Personal and Career Coaching


It's all about realizing that you have a choice !

Choosemylife coaching empowers you to 

  • make the right choices 
  • align with your personal values 
  • develop inspiring and realistic goals
  • achieve concrete results

Develop your full potential !

Choosemylife coaching enables you to 

  • discover your hidden talent
  • develop the professional and life skills you already have
  • master the art of self-management
  • create balance and ease in daily life


Choosemylife coaching is

  • Person-focused:  which means we believe you have all the solutions within you

  • Positive and future-oriented:  we empower you to achieve future goals

  • Coachee-centric:  you set the agenda and the pace of your reflection and actions

  • Non-directive: we  use all our competencies as coaches to enable you to succeed in your project on your own terms

  • Leadership-oriented:  our coaching is a catalyst for developing the leader within you, increasing your self-confidence and your ability to positively impact your environment.

  • Facilitation:  we are experienced in designing and facilitating meetings, gatherings and retreats of any size, to foster collaboration and communication in your group. 

  • Consulting and Training:  If you need to acquire specific technical knowledge and skills (such as public speaking, business development, etc.) we can integrate consulting or training modules in your development program.

Coaching areas

  • Personal development
  • Life choices
  • Career choices
  • Professional development
  • Performance and competency development
  • Relocation and cultural adaptation
  • Executives and managers
  • Leadership development

Models and tools

  • Choosemylife Transformative Coaching Conversations
  • Choosemylife Reflective Practices and Self-assessments
  • Choosemylife Leadership & Communication Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Co-Active Coaching
  • IDC Coaching
  • Cross-Cultural Coaching
  • Appreciative Inquiry 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • MBTI