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Why am I not getting a promotion ?

Posted on April 12, 2014 at 6:45 PM

You may be wondering why all the promotions are passing you by.  

There are a number of things you can do to set yourself up to progress in your career.

1)  Consistently exceed expectations.  

Doing your job well is normal behaviour, that is what you are paid for, but walking the extra mile is extraordinary.  It's what makes your customers happy and wanting more.  It makes you feel that you are useful, that you have a purpose and it creates your reputation for being an overachiever who is always striving to do the best for her clients, team, co-workers, boss and ultimately the company.

2)  Don't wait to get noticed.

Be your own ambassador, make sure everyone knows what you projects you are working on and what you have achieved.  If you can manage to do this gracefully, without boasting, you will build a solid brand.  Careful not to overstep it and get a reputation for being a show-off.

3)  Get a mentor.

Experienced colleagues can give you invaluable tips about how to navigate through your organisation's cultural paradigm. They will tell you what is accepted and what is not, they will guide you through the politics and help you select your best career development strategy.  They might also share their network with you.  By definition Mentors act out of selflessness and because they believe in you and your talents.  Always be honest and grateful for their support.

4) Develop yourself.

Don't ever think that you have nothing to learn. Improve on yourself constantly, take courses, read specialized work-related articles and books, widen your general knowledge (nobody is interested in a super-specialist who doesn't know who Dante was,  or who thinks that Africans speak African).

5) Stay authentic

Your only Unique Value Proposition is YOU.  So don't try to be anyone else.  People will see right through a fake.  You do, don't you?  Stay authentic, there is nothing more wonderful and precious than being yourself.  Your authenticity is your charisma.  

6) Say thank you

To anyone that helps you on the way.  We never do it alone.  Being grateful and giving credit is your way of giving back and consolidating a reputation of being the kind of person people want to have around them.

7)  Have a plan, but more importantly, have a purpose

Having a career plan is great, but you must discover what your life purpose is.  Why do you want to progress ?  If it's just for the money or the title, your happiness will be short-lived.   Understand what you want to contribute and who this will benefit.  When you have a deeper sense of purpose, you will find that your career unfolds before, with very little effort on your part and lots of joy in the process.

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