Personal and Career Coaching

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a partnership with a trained coaching professional with the sole purpose of supporting you to achieve the positive personal and professional change that you want. 

Coaching is a process that supports you in the achievement of your personal and professional goals and enables you to fully express your  potential. 

Coaching will help you to become the best you can be in the areas of your choice, to create a fulfilling life on your terms and to live it with increased satisfaction, balance, efficiency and serenity.

Coaching knows no boundaries of age, culture or profession. Everyone can benefit from coaching and the extraordinary results that it offers.

What is it for ?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client in which each has a defined role. The purpose of this partnership is to support the achievement of the client's goals.

Here are some examples of why people come to coaching:

Personal goals

Achieve an important personal project

Looking for a sense of direction and purpose

Personal development

Increasing self-confidence

Managing transitions

Making difficult choices

Dealing with difficult relations

Improving communication skills

Looking for motivation

Work related goals

Achieve an important professional project 

Career management

New job

Improving performance

Handling stress

Dealing with conflict

Managing teams

Developing leadership skills

Work life balance

What does the coach do ?

Your coach is trained to listen, to observe, to use and adapt coaching competencies, techniques and tools  in accordance with the client's needs.

Your coach will help you to clarify your personal and professional goals, create a viable action plan and establish effective ways to monitor your progress.

What does the client do ?

The focus of the coaching process and the goals to be reached are determined by the client.

You will learn how to access your inner resources and maintain a high level of motivation so as to achieve your goals.

This involves recognizing your skills, making use of your inherent potential and learning how to do things differently and obtain new results.

By adopting different ways of thinking and viewing the world, you open up new choices you didn’t think you had.

Why is it so successful ?

Coaching is a proven personal and professional development approach, that leverages the coachee's own strengths.

The coaching goal is determined by the coachee and not imposed by the coach.  

Coaching is future-focused and generates positive personal and professional results for the coachee.

The coaching conversation is a positive experience, that reinforces and empowers coachees towards autonomous action.

The coaching process is uplifting, joyful and profound.  Coachees find that their self-esteem is highly increased, and they experience great satisfaction at having achieved their goals.