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Excellence through passion

How do people succeed in fulfilling their passion and achieving excellence?  Who are these ordinary people that manage to be true to themselves and live out their dream?  What inspires them, what motivates them and gives them strength to overcome challenges? Why is that they all have on thing in common, the deep desire to contribute to the bigger picture, to make a positive impact in their environment?

It is important to understand the underlying values, beliefs, convictions and mental that sustain individuals into taking action towards their personal and professional fulfillment. Understanding these inner  mechanisms will inspire us to unleash the same processes within ourselves.  Because, if one person can, everyone can !

Modelling excellence is one of the key features of personal and professional development.   Modelling is not copying, it is a process of being inspired by others to find similar qualities and talents within yourself.    

Carlo Tortora Brayda

Carlo is an accomplished businessman and was modeled by a Master NLP Practicioner in 2004 with the purpose of identifying the strategies and skills of a successful entrepreneur.

In this article we will take a look at the accomplishment of Carlo's dream of helping the poorest of the poor to retrieve their autonomy and dignity by setting up, the non-profit Alchemy World.   We will identify the inner drivers that helped him to reach his goal.

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Marc Vanden Eynden

In this article we will look at how Marc Vanden Eynden, an engineer at CERN,  succeeded to accomplish his dream in the domain of music and sharing by creating the Monts Jura Jazz Festival, an international Jazz Festival that attracts musicians from all over the world. 

The Monts Jura Jazz Festival is at its 6th edition in 2013. It aims at promoting all styles related to Jazz (Soul, R’nB, Funk, Fusion) and sharing the joy and pleasure of music thanks to world-class performances by international artists.

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