Personal and Career Coaching

Every life is important

Everyone's life is a wonderful treasure, that must be cherished and taken care of.

As you busily go about our daily life, you may actually forget how important your life is, you may be rushing around so much that you forget to take care of yourself.

Taking time out to reflect, clarify your priorities and make the right choices is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.  You can become the driving force in your life, learning to be more creative and adaptive as you align with your values and shape the existence you want.

Personal life coaching can help you in this process of self-discovery and will give you the tools and energy needed to implement the changes that will take your life up to the next level.


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Here are some reasons for taking up personal coaching

  • I'm looking for a sense of direction and purpose
  • I want to achieve an important personal project
  • I have to overcome a difficult challenge
  • I want to develop more self-confidence
  • I have to make a difficult choice
  • I want to improve relations with my family
  • I want to have a fuller social life
  • I want to have a job that I love
  • I want to have a healthy work / life balance
  • I want to discover my talents
  • I want to learn to say no
  • I want to learn to manage conflict
  • I want to stop procrastinating
  • I want to be happier and fulfilled

How to work with a Choosemylife Coach

1  Get for a free information session

You can ask any question, we can discuss your needs, you can get to know us and decide whether you want to work with one of our coaches. 

If you want go ahead....

2  Start a coaching  cycle

Together with your coach you will determine your overall goals for coaching and the number of coaching sessions you want to sign up for.   It depends on your coaching goals and usually ranges between 6 and 10 session.  Of course you can stop at any time.

3  Work on your coaching goals

Together with your coach you will start by taking stock of your current situation and developing a clear idea of your desired result.  Then you will develop a plan of action that will take you there.

Your coach will work with you in total confidentiality, carrying your banner and facilitating the emergence of your own solutions, from within you.  You will be empowered to take action independently to achieve your goals.

4  Achieve your goals and wrap up

When you have completed the work you wanted to do in your coaching cycle, it will be time to wrap up. Together with your coach you will take stock of the results you achieved, the skills you developed and how you have grown.  

You will find that the learning that takes place in coaching will be useful to you in your life in many ways, well beyond what you had initially come for.