Personal and Career Coaching


Choosemylife Workshops focus on developing your personal and professional effectiveness.

Workshops are a short, easy, fun and effective means for acquiring increased awareness and learning new skills. 

Work life

Career advancement

How to get a stronger grip on your worklife, measure your workplace fit, update your skills, obtain recognition, advance your career and feel you are making a contribution. 


Interpersonal communication skills for successful professional interactions

Dealing with Difficult Relations and Conflict in the Workplace

How to manage power imbalances, prevent or deal with harassment, increase self-confidence, presence and strength.

Self-Marketing in Harmony with your Values

For independent professionals, free lancers and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to develop their practice through effective marketing, while remaining aligned to their values and identity.    Provided in partnership with Développement des Possibles.

Cross-Cultural Skills

Leveraging cultural diversity as a source of competitive advantage in teams and organizations.

Personal development

Self Confidence for Everyone

Improve your self-image, learn how to say no, find your internal resources and believe in yourself

Transform Failure into a Springboard

Remove the blockages of regrets, draw the teaching from mistakes and move on

Discover your True Vision

Explore what really moves you, discover your life-purpose, learn how to use this knowledge in your daily life

You Are What You Think

How to choose your thoughts and manage your moods.

Set and achieve your Goals

How to set meaningful goals, determine a strategy to achieve them and monitor your progress.